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Test Your Skills in our Drunk Mario Cart Challenge!

Thursday, December 23rd AT 8:00 PM

DoubleTap KC  |  310 Oak St. Kansas City, MO 64106

Bring your friends and compete for your chance to win 1 free Hour of VR and a bar tab! Sign up by filling out the form to the right.

The tournament rules are simple:

  1. 2 Rounds (Each round is 4 races)

  2. Random Course, no cpu, and all items- each round

  3. Points totaled at end of each round

  4. After 2 rounds, points tallied with top 4 moving to grand finals!

  5. full beer must be finished by the end of each round

  6. 21+


Thanks for submitting!

LEGAL STUFF:  All players agree to the inherent health risks associated with playing a VIRTUAL REALITY game featuring violence and store effects. All players are welcome, but players under 21 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. doubletap kc will be the officiant of the tournament and should any technical malfunctions occur, doubletap kc will adjudge fairly. Such a decision will be final. prize includes one (1) free hour of virtual reality gaming at double tap kc at the winner's requested time. this prize may not be redeemed for cash. the winners will also receive one (1) free drink at the time of the winner's choosing. This prize may not be redeemed for cash. should the winner choose to participate in a future challenge, that tournament fee will be waived. The tournament fee may not be exchanged for cash and expires twelve (12) months after the award is given. All players agree to have photo or video be taken of them during the tournament. DoubleTap KC reserves the right to use such imagery in marketing or promotional material.